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Tailored Services

tailored servicesAt Legend Senior Living, we are dedicated to each resident's independence, dignity, and right to personal choices. We recognize that each person has individual needs and preferences for care and lifestyle and may require different degrees of service in order to support their dignity and independence.

With this in mind, we offer each resident choices in flexible service combinations based on the style of apartment chosen and personal choice for the services you need or want. Your monthly fee is a combination of these two components: style of apartment and choice of services. We break this flexible service combination into two categories: Base Monthly Service and Tailored Services.

Tailored Services is a plan of care and services designed specifically for your individual needs and wants. The Personal Assessment provides for cooperative planning between you and our staff to develop an individually tailored plan of care and personal service. The cost of your Tailored Services is based on the type and frequency of services you need and request and the resources necessary to provide these services. As your needs or wants change, your Tailored Services can change with you. You pay only for your individual plan.

Tailored pricing provides you with the most individual personal services in the most cost-effective manner.