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Reflections Alzheimer's & Memory Care

Dedication to Service


Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or other memory impairments is a very personal, loving dedication to service. It requires service for very individual needs.

More often these needs involve life's daily activities and personal assistance but not acute medical ailments requiring around-the-clock skilled nursing care or instruction. The unique combination of physical setting and specialized care is a journey traveled by many families.


The Reflections Program

At Reflections, our trained staff works closely with family members and friends to assemble a Life History identifying the personal experiences of each resident's life.

Through the Life History, we get to know the personality behind the person, fostering a one-to-one association more like friend-to-friend rather than staff-to-patient. Details and events from your loved one's past become shared memories and experiences serving as a foundation for activities, communication, and the development of friendships built on support, understanding, and mutual respect.

Every experience we have shapes the person we become.

Developing a personal relationship with seniors is a most effective and rewarding approach to providing a variety of services available.

Fond memories provide a soothing release.

Seniors with dementia function better with people around them who are knowledgeable about their past, their likes and dislikes, their accomplishments, their fears, and their failures. Just as many of us have friends who provide support, encouragement, understanding, and a listening ear, people with dementia also need people in their lives to serve this role.

Knowing the person helps build trust.

While we can never know as much about a person's past as a relative or spouse, the more we know about their likes and dislikes, accomplishments, fears, and failures gives us the opportunity to give your loved one the quality of life they deserve.