Our Quality of Care

When aging, it is important that seniors not only enjoy each day, but also receive the quality of care they desire and need. At Legend Senior Living, we recognize the need for each resident to receive the highest quality of care through achieving a standard of health and fulfillment that each resident is capable of. Legend Senior Living believes that it is important to provide physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth and activities for residents.


Every design feature of our residences is based on our Philosophy of Service and our dedication to creating quality environments and service delivery systems for the residents we serve. The exteriors of the residences feature elegant, home-style architecture. Health and wellness evaluations are performed in the Personal Care Suite and fitness activities and daily exercise classes are offered at each Legend residence. Activities include chair aerobics, walking clubs, and fitness classes for balance, arthritis, and more. These classes give residents many opportunities to receive physical activity that will help improve their quality of life.

Along with fitness activities, nutritional meals are a necessary part of living a fulfilling life. Each resident receives balanced, nutritional, and delicious meals from the Gold Leaf Dining menu.


Legend Senior Living offers activities and common areas at each residence to bring people together. Whether your pastime is chess, cooking, or movies, your schedule will be as full as you want it to be. Legend residences have many activities including men's and lady's groups, art classes, and book clubs. Community events and trips also give residents the chance to make new friends and do things they have never experienced before.


At Legend Senior Living, it is important that residents have the opportunity to engage in the world around them with educational sessions in each building and community. Educational sessions include learning Spanish or genealogy scripting, health seminars, art classes, and physician presentations on the elements of wellness; these are just a few of the intellectual activities found at Legend residences.


Legend Senior Living residences offer opportunities for residents to grow spiritually and emotionally. With chapel services, Bible studies held within the residences, and transportation to local worship services, Legend works to provide quality spiritual and emotional guidance.