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Legend Senior Living Proudly Sponsors Clean Water 5K

WICHITA, KS– Legend Senior Living is proud to team with the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in Africa as a sponsor of their Clean Water 5K.

The Clean Water 5K event, held March 10 in Wichita, gives 100% of the proceeds to clean water projects in Africa. This year’s event will specifically bring a borehole clean water well and water education to the Njombwa Village in Kasunga, Malawi.

We are proud sponsors of this event. Being able to drink tap water from any faucet is a luxury that we take for granted compared to much of the world, and an entire society can advance simply by having access to clean water. It’s a basic life necessity that has a low initial cost but has exponential returns that will last for generations,” says Matt Buchanan, Executive Vice President at Legend Senior Living.

The village tries to survive by fetching water from irrigation dams. This water is contaminated with diesel from pipes and generators, as well as animals in the area. Villagers bathe, do laundry and clean utensils in the dirty water. Community members suffer from many illnesses and diseases, and walk over 2 ½ miles to collect this dirty water.

If you would like to learn more or participate in the March event, you can sign up at www.cleanwater5k.com. Please note that early-bird registration discount ends Saturday, February 10th.  This discount is a great way to get involved and provide clean water to the people of Njombwa Village in Kasungu, Malawi.


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